Exams Tips

Before the Exam

Having knowledge about how to give an exam. This is more important than knowing about the subject.

If you do not know an answer, ‘Try to Bluff’. Never leave a question unanswered

Teacher’s notes given in class are never enough for an exam. They are usually only the basic and necessary facts.

In examination, the person who succeeds is not the person who can write well about something that he or she knows, but the person who can write brilliantly about something of which he knows nothing.

If you are shy and quite in class, don’t worry about that. Remember, students who are quiet and shy in class thrive in examinations.

Don’t take on any big amount of work until you understand the scope of the syllabus.

Find the minimum amount of work you need to do while still being able to pass the examination.

While in a class/lecture be attentive rather than taking notes.

Never simply ‘read’ textbooks always ‘take notes’ from them.

Don’t just try to remember, try to find memorable ideas.

Avoid tiredness and staleness.

Be you own examiner by constantly, testing yourself. There is no substitute for this.

Don’t worry. Keep on Working!

Don’t let you mind wander. (10 Minutes of Meditation really helps)