Words having similar meanings are called Synonyms.


Words Synonyms
Accentuate Emphasize, Stress
Adept Skilled, Able, Expert
Affront Insult, Offend, Encounter
Allay Ease, Alleviate, Reduce, Quell
Allure Attraction, Charm, Charisma
Amphitheater Pit, Coliseum
Animation Ebullience, Vitality
Annihilate Destroy, Exterminate
Annul Rescind, Invalidate, Revoke
Anonymous Unnamed, Unknown
Apex Peak, Summit, Apogee, Point
Appalling Frightful, Repulsive
Appropriation Allotment, Seizure
Ardor Fervor, Zeal, Lust, Passion
Artisan Creator, Virtuoso, Artist
Assess Appraise, Value, Judge, Weigh
Atrocious Horrible, Cruel, Savage
Auditory Heard, Aural, Audible
Automation Computerization, Mechanization, Cybernetics
Axiom Self-evident truth, Maxim, Adage, Platitude

Words Synonyms
Bane Curse, Plague, Scourge, Evil
Bauble Trinket, Ornament, Toy
Bedlam, Madhouse, Clamor, Chaos
Befall Happen, Occur, Come to pass
Belated Late, Overdue, Remiss
Belie Mislead, Deceive, Repudiate, Gainsay, Disagree
Benefactor Helper, Patron, Protector
Benevolent Altruistic, Philanthropic,
Bereaved Dispossessed, Bereft
Betroth Engage, Espouse, Affiance
Bevel Angle, Cant, Tool, Miter
Bevy Flock, Gaggle, Pride, Swarm
Bland Insipid, Balmy, Amiable, Suave
Bogus Forged, Spurious, Phony, False
Boisterous Noisy, Clamorous, Rowdy
Bolster Reinforce, Support, Sustain
Brandish Wave, Flourish, Threaten
Buttress Prop, Support, Bolster, Brace

Words Synonyms
Callous Hard, Obdurate, Apathetic, Obtuse, Indifferent, Torpid
Cancellation Annulment, Abrogation
Canine Dog, Cur, Hound, Pooch
Capillary Blood vessel, Vein, Tube
Carnivorous Predatory, Rapacious
Cater Supply, Furnish, Procure
Chagrin Trauma, Mishap, Calamity
Chronic Habitual, Inveterate, Perpetual
Clientele Customers, Constituency
Colleague Coworker, Peer, Associate
Collegiate Scholastic, Erudite
Communicable Contagious, Infectious
Comparative Similar, Parallel, Analogous, Near, Matching
Compile Collect, Amass, Cull
Complement Supplement, Aggregate, Full measure, Troupe, Complete
Component Composing, Intrinsic, Part
Compulsion Urgency, Obsession
Concept Theory, Notion, Belief
Conclusive Definitive, Decisive, Absolute, Irrefutable, Ultimate
Confound Confuse, Perplex, Baffle
Consolidate Combine, Blend, Fortify
Consultant Guide, Advisor, Guru
Contemptible Ignoble, Base, Vile
Contraband Illicit, Smuggling
Convalescent Recuperating, Healing
Conveyance Transport, Vehicle
Convulsion Paroxysm, Commotion
Cosmic Vast, Universal, Empyrean
Courier Herald, Messenger, Runner
Credentials Documents, Papers, Vouchers
Creditor Collector, Consignee
Crucial Acute, Intense, Fierce
Crypt Tomb, Sepulcher, Vault
Cryptic Ambiguous, Enigmatic
Cull Collect, Amass, Compile
Cumulative Increasing, Intensifying
Curtail Reduce, Abridge, Blunt
Curvature Bend, Arch, Camber
Cynical Misanthropic, Alienated

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