Parts of Speech

There are eight Parts of Speech in English Grammar.

Parts of Speech are the classes into which words are divided according to their function in a sentence.

1) Noun

A Noun is the name of a person, place or thing.

There are five kinds of Nouns.

  1. Common Nouns: City, table, television, oven, sea, continent, camera, house boat.
  2. Proper Nouns: Australia, Harry Potter, Jog Falls, Pacific Ocean, Tajmahal.
  3. Collective Nouns: Audience, pack, deck, cluster.
  4. Abstract Nouns: Determination, proposal, happiness, failure, victory.
  5. Material Noun: Nylon, polyester, jute, silk, wood.

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2) Pronoun

Pronouns are words used instead of Nouns. There are seven kinds of Pronouns.

  1. Personal Pronouns
  2. Reflexive Pronouns
  3. Demonstrative Pronouns
  4. Indefinite Pronouns
  5. Distributive Pronouns
  6. Interrogative Pronouns
  7. Relative Pronoun

Examples: I, we, you, he, she, they, it, mine, us, ours, yours, hers, his, theirs, them

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3) Verb
A Verb denotes an action, or being or possession.

Verbs have three chief forms.

  1. The Present (first form)
  2. The Past Tense (second form)
  3. The Past Participle (third form) 

All the other parts of a verb are formed with their help.

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4) Adverb

An Adverb is a word that describe verbs.

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5) Adjective

An Adjective is used to quality or add something to the meaning of a Noun.

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6) Preposition

A Preposition is a word used with a Noun or Pronoun to show its relation to some other words in the sentences.

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7) Conjunction

A Conjunction is a word used to join together words, phrases or sentences.

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8) Interjection

An Interjection is an exclamatory word, denoting some sudden feeling.

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