English - Build Vocabulary : Character trait List ; Negative and positive character traits

Character Trait List

List of Character trait - Negative and Positive traits to help you describe a person's personality.

List of Positive Character Traits
Admirable Efficient Kind Self-Disciplined
Alert Enthusiastic Kind-Hearted Sharp-Witted
Ambitious Forgiving Kindly Sincere
Appreciative Friendly Level-Headed Smart
Bright Gentle Likable Tactful
Brilliant Good Loyal Thoughtful
Broad-Minded Good-Humored Mature Trusting
Cheerful Good-natured Open-minded Trustworthy
Clean Good-Tempered Original Truthful
Clear-Headed Grateful Outstanding Understanding
Clever Happy Pleasant Unselfish
Companionable Helpful Polite Warm
Conscientious Honest Quick-Witted Warm-Hearted
Considerate Honorable Reasonable Well-Read
Courteous Humorous Reliable Well-Spoken
Dependable Imaginative Resourceful Wise
Earnest Intelligent Responsible Witty
Educated Interesting Respectful  
List of Negative Character Traits
Abrupt Cynical Fawning Insensitive
Aimless Deceitful Fearful Insincere
Airy Dependent Fickle Insulting
Aloof Desperate Fiery Intolerant
Amoral Destructive Foolish Irascible
Angry Devious Forgetful Irrational
Anxious Dirty Fradulent Irresponsible
Apathetic Discouraged Frightening Irritable
Arbitrary Dishonest Frivolous Lazy
Arrogant Disloyal Gloomy Libidinous
Asocial Disobedient Graceless Loquacious
Barbaric Disorderly Greedy Malicious
Bewildered Disorganized Grim Mawkish
Bizzare Disputatious Gullible Melancholic
Disruptive Hateful Meretricious
Callous Dissolute Haughty Messy
Careless Dissonant Hesitant Miserable
Childish Dogmatic Hidebound Misguided
Clumsy Domineering Ignorant Moody
Conceited Egocentric Imitative Naive
Confused Enervated Impatient Natty
Cowardly Envious Impractical Rowdy
Crafty Erratic Imprudent Selfish
Crass Excitable Impulsive Shy
Crazy Extavagant Incurious Silly
Criminal Faithless Indecisive Stupid
Critical False Inert Tactless
Crude Fanatical Inhibited Timid
Cruel Fanciful Insecure Week