Conversation English


Way to Say food tastes good

1) It's tasty.

2) It's yummy!

3) It's delish!

4) It's delicious!

5) It's luscious!

Ways to say you don't want more food

1) I'm full

2) I've had plenty.

3) I've had enough.

4) I couldn't eat another thing.

5) I'm stuffed.

Way to offer help

1) Is there anything I can do?

2) Can i give you a hand?

3) Give me a shout if you need anything.

4) Let me help you with this.

Way to talk about Price

1) It cost a fortune.

2) It cost an arm and a leg

3) That's a rip-off. (overpriced)

4) I can't afford it.

5) That's a bit pricey.

6) That's quite reasonable

7) It's 50% off.

8) That's a good deal.

9) It was a real bargain.

10) It was dirt cheap. ( extremely inexpensive)

Informal ways to tell people not be lazy

1) Don't be so lazy

2) Get off your backside

3) Don't waste the day.

4) Don't be such a couch potato.


Different ways to say "I miss you!"

1) I can't stop thinking about you

2) I wish you were here

3) I can't wait to see you again

4) I'm counting down the days

5) When will I see you again?

6) I'm counting the days until I see you again

7) I hope I see you again soon

8) Your picture makes me smile

9) I feel sad without you

10) I think of you night and day

11) All I do is think of you

12) I was thinking about you and it made me smile

Ways to say 'hurry up'

1) Get a move on

2) Get cracking.

3) Chop-chop!

4) Shake a leg!

Ways to say you are studying or working overnight

1) I'm burning the midnight oil.

2) I'll have to pull an all-nighter.

3) I'm working till the small hours.

4) I'm working the graveyard shift.

Ways to say 'great view'

1) It's awe-inspiring!

2) It take my breath away.

3) It' jaw-dropping

4) It's out of this world.

5) It's like a picture-postcard.

Ways to say you don't feel well.

1) I'm unwell.

2) I feel lousy.

3) I feel sick.

4) I'm under the weather.

5) I'm the worse of wear.

Ways to say you're very tired.

1) I'm knackered.

2) I'm exhausted.

3) I'm worn out.

4) I'm on my last legs.

5) I'm spent.

Ways to say you don't know something.

1) I have no idea.

2) I haven't the faintest idea.

3) I haven't the foggiest idea.

4) Your guess is as good as mine.

5) I haven't got a clue.

Ways to ask "Have we met before?".

1) I think we've met before.

2) I know you from somewhere.

3) You look like someone I know.

4) You seem familiar.

5) Your name rings a bell.

6) I'm sure we've met previously

7) Where do I know you from?

8) Is this the first time we've met?


Ways to ask someone to wait.

1) Hold on a minute.

2) Hang on a minute.

3) Bear with me.

4) Let me think about it.

5) No need to hurry.


Ways to wish someone good luck.

1) Fingers crossed!

2) Best of luck!

3) You'll do great!

4) Knock them dead!

5) Blow them away!


Ways to say "I don't like it".

1) I am not into it.

2) I am not keen on it.

3) I am not fond of it.

4) I am not crazy about it.

5) I am not passionate about it.

6) I am not mad about it.

7) That's not for me.

8) I am not a big fan of it.

9) I don't fancy it.

10) I disklike it.