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English - Tenses

We express our ideas mostly in terms of time. Tenses come to the aid of communicator in this regard.

There are three type of Tenses :

I) Present Tense
II) Past Tense
III) Future Tense

Each Tense has four sub categories. They are :

I) Present Tense
a) Simple Present
b) Present Continuous
c) Present Perfect
d) Present Perfect Continuous

Click for details of Present Tense

II) Past Tense
a) Simple Past
b) Past Continuous
c) Past Perfect
d) Past Perfect Continuous

Click for details of Past Tense

III) Future Tense
a) Simple Future
b) Future Continuous
c) Future Perfect
d) Future Perfect Continuous

Click for details of Future Tense

And English grammar has classified human beings, animals and things into 7 categories.

They are : I, We, You, He, She, It and They.

I’ is called First Person Singular.
We’ is called First Person Plural.
You’ is called Second Person Singular / Plural.
He’ is called Third Person Singular.
She’ is called Third Person Singular.
It’ is called Third Person Singular.
They’ is called Third Person Plural.

One should be extremely careful in the use of third person singular especially in Simple Present and Present Perfect Tenses.