Famous Book Characters

Famous Characters in Literature

Adam : A character in the Bible, also in `Paradise Lost' by Milton.

Aladdin : A well-known character in the `Arabian Nights', in possession of the magic ring and lamp.

Alice : A little girl in `Alice in Wonderland' and `Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Carrol.

Ariel : In `The Tempest' by William Shakespeare, an airy Spirit which is controlled by Prospero.

Anna Karenina : The heroine of the novel of the same name by Leo Tolstoy.

Ancient Mariner : A character in the poem of the same name by S. T. Coleridge, who describes his supernatural experiences to the wedding guests.

Antonio : A character in `The Merchant of Venice' by Shakespeare. Shylock the cruel money lender, is bent on taking one pound of flesh from his body.

Bassanio : A friend of Antonio in `The Merchant of Venice'.

Beatrix : Heroine in W. M. Thackeray's novel `Henry Esmond'.

Beatrice : Heroine of Shakespeare's `Much Ado About Nothing'. She plays a delightful role and is famous for her witty dialogues.

Brutus Mercus : The historic character in `Julius Caesar' of Shakespeare. He assassinates his friend Julius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome.

Christian : An allegorical character and hero of `The Pilgrim's Progress' of John Bunyan.

Clare : Hero of `Tess' by Thomas Hardy.

Cleopatra : The heroine of `Antony and Cleopatra' of Shakespeare. She was the beautiful queen of Egypt. G. B. Shaw also has dramatised her in his `Caesar and Cleopatra.'

Cordelia : The faithful and youngest daughter of Lear in Shakespeare's play `King Lear'.

Desdemona : Faithful wife of Othello in Shakespeare's drama `Othello'.

Don Quixote : A famous character in Cervente's novel of the same name. He is an eccentric figure striking at a windmill taking it for a giant.

Don Juan : A character in the poem of the same name by Lord Byron.

Dushyanta : Husband of Shakuntala and the hero of the play in Kalidasa's Abhigyan Shakuntlam'.