English Vocabulary - Important Synonyms for SSC - CGL Papers.

Synonym for laborious, Brutal, Savage

These are very important Synonoyms for the prepartion of SSC and other government, competitive exams.

Synonyms For SSC & CGL Papers

Words having similar meanings are called Synonyms.

Words Synonyms
Abandon Leave, forsake.
Abridge Shorten, curtail.
Abundant Plentiful.
Behaviour Demeanour
Brutal Savage, cruel.
Callous Hard, cruel.


Quiet, tranquil.
Casual Uncertain
Damage Loss, harm, injury.
Decorate Adron, embellish.

Malformation, disfigurement.

Earnest Serious, solemn.
Emergency Exigency
Exceptional Unusual, rare.
False Untrue, spurious.
Fascinate Charm, enchant.
Ferocious Fierce, savage.
Geniune Real.
Gigantic Colossal, great.
Guilt Sin, crime.
Haughty Arrogant, proud.
Hazardous Dangerous, risky, perilous.
Humility Modesty, politeness.
Illiterate Unlearned, ignorant.
Imperious Authoritative, dictatorial.
Impertinent Impudent, insolent, shameless.
Jolly Jovial, merry.
Judicious Discreet, prudent.
Knavery Fraud
Laborious Assiduous, industrious.
Lament Grieve, mourn.
Lethargy Sluggishness
Magnificent Splendid, grand.
Marvellous Wonderful
Meagre Small.
Nice Pleasant, agreeable.
Notable Remarkable, memorable.
Notorious Infamous.
Obliterate Destory, efface.
Obsolete Antiquated.
Opportune Timely
Pensive Thoughtful.
Perennial Permanent, perpetual.
Persuade Induce, urge.
Quaint Queer, odd, singular.
Queer Strange, odd.
Questionable Doubtful.
Radiant Bright, brilliant.
Refined Elegant.
Rejoice Delight.
Sacred Holy, consecrated, pious.
Satiate Satisfy.
Scanty Slender, meagre.
Talkative Garrulous
Temperate Moderate.
Thankful Grateful, obliged.
Ugly Repulsive
Urbane Polite, courteous, suave.
Urge Press, incite.
Vacillatge Waver
Venerable Respectable
Vigilance Watchfulness
Wealthy Rich
Wickedness Evil.
Wild Savage.
Yield Surrender.
Yielding Submissive.
Zeal Passion.
Zenith Top, summit.