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Important Synonym for overpower, dejection, detract


Synonyms D

Words Synonyms
Dainty Exquisite, choice, rare, refined ; savory, palatable, delicious, toothsome, tasty, epicurean; fastidious, luxurious.
Damage Hurt, injury, detriment, loss, mischief, impairment
Danger Peril, risk, hazard, venture, insecurity, liability, jeopardy.
Daring Adventurous, fearless, risky, brave, courageous, dauntless, intrepid, valorous.
Dark Black, swarthy, opaque, obscure, shadowy, lurid, sunless, murky, cloudy, overcast, ebon, pitchy, secret; mysterious, enigmatical, unintelligible, occult, abstruse; gloomy, disheartening, cheerless, dismal ; ignorant, rude, untaught
Darling Sweetheart, love, pet, favorite, idol, dear.
Dash Strike, hurl, cast, throw, drive, send, speed, dart; alloy, adulterate ; suffuse, overspread,
color; disappoint, ruin, frustrate; surprise, abash.
Dastard Coward, craven, recreant
Data Facts, basis, grounds, postulates, premises, given conditions.
Daub Smear, plaster, sully, begrime, soil, deface, defile.
Daunt Terrify, alarm, intimidate, appal, frighten off, tame.
Dauntless Valiant, fearless, intrepid, bold, indomitable, unconquerable, valorous, chivalrous, heroic, brave, daring.
Dawn Appear, begin, open; break, grow light, rise.
Dazzle Daze, blind; astonish, surprise, overpower, bewilder, confuse.
Dead Lifeless, breathless, inanimate; deceased, defunct, departed; dull, cold, frigid, inert, indifferent ; tasteless, insipid, flat; insensible, heavy, unconscious, spiritless, still, torpid.
Deadly Mortal, fatal, destructive, noxious, murderous, malignant, pernicious, baneful, venomous.
Deaf Hard of hearing; dull, insensible, heedless ; inexorable, averse, disinclined; inaudible.
Deal Bargain, chaffer, trade, traffic, do business; distribute, allot, divide, share, mete out.
Dear Costly, high-priced, expensive, precious; beloved, valued.
Dearth Lack, want, scarcity, poverty.
Death Decease, dying, dissolution, departure, exit, expiration.
Debar Exclude, bar out, stop, prevent, prohibit, restrain, hinder.
Debase Degrade, deprave, corrupt, alloy, deteriorate, lower, impair.
Debate Discussion, dispute, controversy, contention, altercation, contest.
Debatable Dubious, doubtful, uncertain, disputable, problematical
Debauch Seduce, corrupt, vitiate, defile.
Debility Infirmity, weakness, languor, exhaustion, feebleness.
Debt Liability, obligation, default, claim, score.
Debtor Borrower, Mortgagor
Decay Corrupt, putrefy, decompose, rot, spoil, molder, wither, perish.
Deceit Fraud, deception, cheating, artifice, imposition, guile.
Deceive Cheat, dupe, delude, beguile, fool, trick, impose upon, disappoint, mislead, circumvent, entrap.
Deception Craft, cunning, lying, fraud, hypocrisy, trickery, delusion, duplicity, deceitfulness,
falsehood, prevarication.
Decide Determine, settle, conclude, close, terminate, end, resolve.
Decipher Reveal, explain, unravel, unfold.
Decision Determination, conclusion, judgment;
firmness, resolution.
Decisive Conclusive, positive, final, definitive, indisputable.
Deck Adorn, dress, ornament.
Declaim. Recite, speak, debate, harangue.
Declamation Harangue, effusion, debate, oratory, elocution.
Declaration Assertion, affirmation, avowal ; publication, proclamation, official announcement.
Declare Announce, publish, advertise, reveal, proclaim.
Decline. Fall, decay, decadence, degeneration ; refusal, rejeotion, repudiation.
Declivity. Fall, slope, descent.
Decoction. Concoction, mixture, mess.
Decompose. Analyze, dissolve, resolve; decay, putrefy, become corrupt.
Decorate. Adorn, embellish, improve.
Decorum. Dignity, order, propriety, seemliness.
Decrease Lessen, diminish, subside, want, dwindle, curtail, retrench, reduce, lower.
Decree Decision, determination, law, edict, mandate, manifesto
Decrepit Weak, infirm, tottering, aged.
Decry Disparage, detract, depreciate, denounce, abase, traduce.
Dedicate Devote, hallow, sanctify, consecrate; address, inscribe; assign, apply, set apart.
Deduce Infer, draw, derive, conclude.
Deed Performance, act, action, exploit; reality, fact, truth; document, instrument.
Deep Profound; difficult, mysterious, hard, intricate ; penetrating, sagacious, astute, intelligent, discerning, shrewd ;
Default Neglect, failure, omission, want, forfeit
Defeat Overthrow, frustration, discomfiture.
Defect Fault, flaw, imperfection; omission, want, shortcoming.
Defense Apology, justification, vindication; shelter, shield, protection, guard, resistance, rampart, fortress, safeguard,
Defer Delay, postpone, procrastinate, adjourn, put off; yield to, respect.
Deference. Respect, consideration, esteem, veneration, homage.
Defile. Contaminate, spoil, pollute, vitiate, infect, taint, befoul.
Definition Description, exposition, comment, explanation, interpretation,
rendering, translation.
Deformity. Ugliness, malformation, distortion, disfigurement, abnormity, hideousness.
Defrayment. Payment, settlement, liquidation, discharge.
Defy. Challenge, dare, provoke, scorn, brave.
Degeneracy. Degradation, deterioration, growing worse, decay, decline ; inferiority, meanness.
Degree Grade, rank, step, station, stage, quality, standing; measure, interval, space.
Dejected. Disheartened, discouraged, depressed, downcast, despondent, gloomy, melancholy, low-spirited.
Delay. Postponement, procrastination
; hindrance, impediment.
Delegate (n) Substitute, proxy, representative, legate, deputy.
Delegate (v) Depute, commission, appoint, empower, constitute, ordain.
Deleterious Destructive, noxious, deadly, poisonous; hurtful, harmful, injurious, pernicious,
Deliberate, Meditate, ponder, debate, confer, consider, reflect, consult, weigh, cogitate.
Deliberate, Cautious, careful, wary; well-advised, purposed, studied; slow, leisurely;
intentional, earnest, unbiased.
Delicacy Dainty, morsel, tidbit, relish; refinement, luxury, nicety, elegance; frailty, weakness ; fastidiousness, scrupulousness; purity, sensibility.
Delicious Dainty, savory, delightful, luscious, exquisite.
Delight Joy, gladness, charm, rapture, transport, satisfaction, pleasure, ecstasy, happiness, enjoyment, bliss.
Delightful. Agreeable, congenial, grateful, pleasant, refreshing, welcome, satisfying, delicious,
acceptable, pleasurable.
Delineate. Describe, figure, represent, sketch, draw, portray, depict, paint.
Delinquent. Offender, culprit, criminal, miscreant, malefactor.
Deliver Free, liberate, release; save, rescue; give, hand over, transfer; yield, grant, resign, surrender; pronounce, declare, speak, discharge, deal.
Deluge Inundation, flood, overflow,
rush, cataclysm.
Delusion Error, fallacy, illusion, hallucination, trick, snare, fraud, deception, imposture.
Demand Require, ask, call for, insist, exact, challenge.
Demarcation Outline, sketch, limit, boundary, division, enclosure, separation, distinction.
Demean Behave, comport, act, conduct one's self.
Demerit Fault, delinquency, misdeed, failure.
Democratic Popular, representative, republican, radical
Demolish Overthrow, destroy, overturn, raze, ruin.
Demonstration Exhibition, exemplification; manifestation, illustration; evidence, proof, certainty
Demoralize Corrupt, deprave, vitiate, undermine, subvert.
Demure Sedate, staid, modest, prudish, discreet.
Denial Refusal; contradiction, negation, disavowal.
Denizen Citizen, subject, inhabitant, dweller, sojourner.

Name, designation, description, appellation, class, sect, school


Brand, defame, stigmatize, decry ; accuse ; menace, threaten ; proscribe, vituperate.


Thick, slow, compact, solid, close, thickset


Censure, arraignment; threat, menace; exposure


Refuse, withhold ; contradict, gainsay ; renounce, abjure, disown.


Leave, go, start, sally, retire, disappear, vanish, bid farewell; die, decease.


Division, section, portion; function, office, duty, station; province, branch, line.


Hanging, resting, contingent, conditioned, relying, subject, relative.


Portray, draw, paint, delineate.


Lamentable, pitiable, sad, mournful, disastrous, calamitous, grievous, distressing, melancholy.


Conduct, carriage, behavior, demeanor, character.


Dethrone, debase, degrade, dismiss, oust, displace.


Regret, disapprove, lament; intercede, expostulate.


Disparage, decry, undervalue, detract, underestimate.


Robbery, pillage, plunder, spoliation, theft, invasion, trespass, havoc, encroachment.


Lowering, degradation, abasement, perversion, depreciation, dejection, discouragement; hollow, valley, decline.


Bereave, rob, divest, strip, despoil, dispossess, depose; prevent, hinder.


Lieutenant, agent, representative,
envoy, legate, substitute, vicegerent, proxy, delegate.


Disorder, confusion, disarrangement; disturbance, discomposure; madness,
lunacy, insanity, mania, delirium,
alienation, aberration.


Scorn, contempt, ridicule, mockery, contumely, scoffing.


Source, origin, genesis, fountain, descent, root, etymology.


Detract, depreciate, disparage, compromise, lessen.


Offspring, posterity, progeny, stock, family, lineage, scion, branch, issue


Trace, draw, portray, mark out, represent, depict, recount, narrate, illustrate, define, explain, characterize.


Perceive, discern, recognize, discover, espy, see, behold, detect, find out.


Profane, pollute, pervert, abuse, secularize, prostitute.


Solitude, wild, wilderness, waste.


Very desirable thing, requisite, want, essential.

Design (v)

Intend, plan, prepare, project, contrive, scheme, purpose, mean, propose; draw, delineate, sketch ; contemplate,
outline, plot.


Specify, particularize; describe, define, denominate, name, call, style, christen, dub ; appoint, allot.


Eligible, expedient, advantageous, beneficial, advisable, valuable, profitable, enviable, proper, judicious.


Appetite, inclination, longing, proclivity, craving, impulse, hankering, coveting, propensity, wish; aspiration, will


Bereaved, comfortless, forlorn, cheerless, lonely, solitary; uninhabited, forsaken, unfrequented, waste, dreary,


Desperation, discouragement, hopelessness, despondency


Expedite, speed, accelerate, quicken, hasten; kill, slay.


Wild, reckless, despondent, hopeless, wretched, forlorn, lost; heroic, extreme,
defiant; precipitate, headlong, frantic.


Contemn, scorn, slight, disdain, spurn


Strip, denude, ravage; rob, plunder, pillage, devastate.


Tyrannical, absolute, imperious, autocratic, arrogant.


Aim, end, object, purpose, design; goal, harbor.


Fate, lot, doom, star, fortune, necessity, end, predestination.


Ruinous, injurious, pernicious, deleterious, baneful, detrimental, hurtful, noxious.


Disuse, non-observance, obsolescence.


Rambling, irregular, capricious, wandering, roving, discursive, cursory, erratic, spasmodic, unsystematic.


Account, narrative, recital; detachment; individual, particular, item, specialty, element, point, component.


Hindrance, retaining, restraint, stopping.


Hinder, discourage, prevent, restrain, withhold, terrify, scare, dishearten, dissuade


Impair, degrade, debase; decline, degenerate


Settle, adjust, decide; ascertain, verify; influence, lead, incline ; resolve.


Abominate, abhor, execrate, loathe, shrink from


Depose, uncrown, drive out of power, cause to abdicate.


Depreciate, disparage, lessen, derogate, calumniate, slander, defame, decry, vilify


Loss, damage, injury, harm, evil, prejudice, disadvantage, impairment, inconvenience.


Evolve, unfold, educe, disclose, unravel, exhibit, expand, enlarge; open, grow, mature


Digress, wander, deflect, veer, diverge; depart, err, stray, swerve ; differ, vary.


Contrivance, invention, design, project, plan, scheme, expedient, resource; wile, artifice, stratagem, evasion, fraud; emblem, symbol, type.

Devious Erratic, wandering, deviating, crooked, circuitous, misleading, treacherous, roundabout.
Devise Plan, design, contrive, imagine, scheme, project, concoct; bequeath, leave.
Devoid Void, wanting, empty, destitute, vacant, unprovided for.
Devolve Transfer, consign, convey, demise, devise, deliver; impose, place, attach, commission, charge, depute; fall, pass, be transferred.
Dedication, consecration, piety, religion, sanctity, holiness, worship, adoration; attachment, affection, love; ardor, earnestness, zeal, eagerness, self-sacrifice.
Devour Consume, gorge, eat ravenously, swallow ; destroy, annihilate, waste, swallow up, expend.
Dexterity Aptitude, skill, expertness, readiness, adroitness.
Diadem Crown, chaplet, fillet, wreath, tiara, circlet. Diagnosis. Investigation, determination, analysis.
Diagnostic Symptom, feature, sign, cue, indication, mark, index.
Dialect Language, phraseology, tongue, speech, provincialism, idiom, accent. Dialogue. Conversation between two people, colloquy, discourse, tete-a-tete.
Dictate Direct, ordain, command, prescribe, order, bid, require, decree; utter; prompt, suggest, enjoin, instruct.
Dictation Injunction, precept, command, rule, maxim, direction, utterance.
Dictatorial Imperious, imper tive, domineering, arbitrary, absolute, unlimited, authoritative, unrestricted, overbearing.
Diction Expression, language, phrase, phraseology, style, verbiage, vocabulary, wording.
Dictionary Lexicon, word-book, glossary, vocabulary.
Die Expire, decease, depart; wither, perish, decay, decline,
Diet Food, victuals, nourishment, aliment, nutriment, provision, viands, rations, fare, subsistence
Difference Contrast, diversity, variation, variety, discrepancy, disagreement, disparity, distinction, divergence, unlikenesa.
Differentiate Discriminate, individualize, distinguish, particularize, specify, segregate, identify.
Difficult Arduous, exhausting, severe, onerous, trying, toilsome, hard, laborious; intricate, involved, obscure, enigmatical; unmanageable, reserved, opposed, unamenable.
Diffident Modest, doubtful, reluctant, hesitating; bashful, timid, shy, self-distrustful.
Digest Methodize, systematize, arrange, classify, cod'ify ; study, ponder, consider, contemplate, meditate, con; master, assimilate.
Dignified Stately, noble, grand, majestic, self-respecting, imposing, decorous, august, lofty, exalted, pompous.
Dignify Advance, promote, exalt, ennoble, prefer; grace, honor, adorn; elevate, aggrandize.
Digress Deviate, ramble, wander; differ.

Ruin, decay, disintegration, downfall, demolition.

Dilate Stretch wide, expand, enlarge, widen, distend.
Dilatory Slow, loitering, tardy, procrastinating, dawdling, lagging, lingering, sluggish.
Diligence Industry, assiduity, activity, perseverance, application, attention, care, heed.
Dim Obscure, dark, covered, hidden, dusky, indistinct, uncertain.
Dimension Measurement, bulk, mass, extent
Diminish Lessen, reduce, decrease, abate

Words Synonyms
Callous Hard, Obdurate, Apathetic, Obtuse, Indifferent, Torpid
Cancellation Annulment, Abrogation
Canine Dog, Cur, Hound, Pooch
Capillary Blood vessel, Vein, Tube
Carnivorous Predatory, Rapacious
Cater Supply, Furnish, Procure
Chagrin Trauma, Mishap, Calamity
Chronic Habitual, Inveterate, Perpetual
Clientele Customers, Constituency
Colleague Coworker, Peer, Associate
Collegiate Scholastic, Erudite
Communicable Contagious, Infectious
Comparative Similar, Parallel, Analogous, Near, Matching
Compile Collect, Amass, Cull
Complement Supplement, Aggregate, Full measure, Troupe, Complete
Component Composing, Intrinsic, Part
Compulsion Urgency, Obsession
Concept Theory, Notion, Belief
Conclusive Definitive, Decisive, Absolute, Irrefutable, Ultimate
Confound Confuse, Perplex, Baffle
Consolidate Combine, Blend, Fortify
Consultant Guide, Advisor, Guru
Contemptible Ignoble, Base, Vile
Contraband Illicit, Smuggling
Convalescent Recuperating, Healing
Conveyance Transport, Vehicle
Convulsion Paroxysm, Commotion
Cosmic Vast, Universal, Empyrean
Courier Herald, Messenger, Runner
Credentials Documents, Papers, Vouchers
Creditor Collector, Consignee
Crucial Acute, Intense, Fierce
Crypt Tomb, Sepulcher, Vault
Cryptic Ambiguous, Enigmatic
Cull Collect, Amass, Compile
Cumulative Increasing, Intensifying
Curtail Reduce, Abridge, Blunt
Curvature Bend, Arch, Camber
Cynical Misanthropic, Alienated