One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution : Government

One Word Sentence
Anarchist One who is out to subvert a government
Aristocracy Government by the nobility
Autocracy A government where the power is concentrated in the hands of one person. or A Government by one
Bureaucracy A government run by civil servants.
Democracy Government by people
Monarchy A Government by a king or queen
Oligarchy A Government by the few
Plutocracy Government by the wealthy people
Theocracy Government by priests.

Complete List of One Word Substitution: Government


One Word Substitution : Murder

Sentence One Word
A woman who murder her husband Mariticide
A man who murder his wife Uxoricide
One who murder one's mother Matricide
One who murders one's father Patricide
One who kill oneself Suicide
The murder of infant Infanticide
The murder of king Regicide

One Word Substitution : Lover

Sentence One Word
A lover of animals Philozoic
A lover of arts Philotechnic
A lover of dogs Canophilist
A lover of God Philotheist
A lover of learning Philomath
A lover of women Philogynist
A lover of property and art Philomuse
A man who enjoys having sex with a lot of different women


One Word Substitution : Fear / Phobia

Sentence One Word
Fear of Foreigners Xenophobia
Fear of being alone Autophobia
Fear of home surroundings Ecophobia
Fear of dead body Necrophobia
Fear of animals Zoophobia
Fear of height Aerophobia
Fear of Pain Agliophobia
Fear of Open spaces or crowd Agoraphobia


One Word Substitution : Science

Sentence One Word
The Science which studies the crust of the earth Geology
The Science which studies animals Zoology
The Science that studies plants Botany
The Science which studies natural processes of living things Biology
Science dealing with the motion of projectile like rockets bombs & shells. Ballistics
Science of crystallization. Crystallography
Science relating to the formation and development of words. Elymology
Science of improving the environment. Euthenics