Phrasal Verbs - B

A phrasal verb are usually two-word phrases consisting of preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb.

Phrasal Verbs : B

Phrasal Verb



Back away Retreat or go backwards.  

Bail out of

Pay a bond to release someone from jail.  
Bail out on Stop supporting someone when they are in trouble.  
Bail up Talk to someone and delay them.  
Bail up Rob someone at gunpoint.  
Ball up
Confuse or make things complicated.  
Ball up Roll or form into a round shape.  
Balls up Spoil, ruin.  
Bang about Move in a place making a lot of noise.  
Back down Retract or withdraw your position or
proposal in an argument.
Back into Enter a parking area in reverse gear  
Back off Retreat.  
Back out Fail to keep an arrangement or promise.
Back out of Fail to keep an agreement, arrangement.  
Back out of Exit a parking area in reverse gear.  
Back up
Make a copy of computer data.  
Back up Support.  
Back up Drive a vehicle backwards.  
Bag out Criticise.  
Bail out Save, rescue.  
Bail out Remove water from something that is
Bail out Jump out of a plane because it is going to crash.  

Bang around

Move in a place making a lot of noise.  

Bang on

Talk at great length.  
Bang on about Keep talking about something.  
Bang out Play a musical instrument loudly.  
Bang up Put someone in prison.  
Bang up Damage badly.  
Bargain down Persuade someone to drop the price of
something they're selling.

Bargain on

Expect something to happen (usually

Barge in / into

Enter a place and interrupt people rudely.  
Bash about Mistreat physically.  
Bash in Break, damage or injure by hitting.  

Bash out
Write something quickly without much
Bash up Break, damage or hurt by hitting.  
Bawl out Scold, shout at someone.  
Bawl out Sing or shout unpleasantly loudly.  
Be after Try to find or get.  

Be along

Be away Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc..  
Be cut out for Be suitable, have the necessary qualities.  
Be cut up Be upset.  
Be down Be depressed.  
Be down Be reduced or less.  
Be down on Have negative feelings toward someone.  
Be down with Be ill.  
Be fed up Be bored, upset or sick of something.  
Be in Be at home or at work.  
Be in Be submitted, arrive.  
Be in on Be involved in.  

Be not on

Be unacceptable.  
Be off Be bad (of food).  
Be off Depart, leave.  
Be on Be functioning (of machines).  
Be on Take place.  
Be on Take medication or drugs, especially when they affect the person badly.  
Be on Be at the top of one’s game, performing very well.  
Be on about Mean, try to say.  
Be on to Pursue, be aware of someone's true nature.  
Be out Be absent from a place.  

Be out to

Have no more left or Attempt.  

Be snowed under

Have too much work.  
Be taken aback Be shocked or surprised.  
Be taken with Like something.  

Be up

Be out of bed.  
Be up Have increased or risen.  
Be up When the time for something finishes or expires.  
Be up for Be enthusiastic about an upcoming event.  
Be up to Be good enough.  

Be up to

Doing something naughty or wrong.  
Bear down on Move towards.  
Bear on Influence, affect.  

Bear out

Confirm that something is correct.  
Beat down Get someone to lower the price of
Beat out Narrowly win in competition.  
Beat up Attack violently.  
Beaver away Work hard.  
Beaver away at Work hard doing something.  
Bear up Resist pressure.  
Bear up under Cope with something difficult or stressful.  
Bear with Be patient.  
Bed down Sleep somewhere less comfortable than normal.  
Bed down Become established or successful over

Bed out

Move a plant outside.  
Beef up Make something stronger or more solid.  

Belong to
Be a member.  
Belong to Be connected to a time, place, belief,
thing, etc.
Belong with Be in the correct or appropriate location with other items.  
Belt out Sing something loudly.  
Belt up Be quiet.  

Belt up

Fasten your seatbelt.  
Bend down Lower the top half of your body.  
Bend over Lower the top part of your body.  

Bend over

Do a lot to try to help or please someone.  

Big up

Exaggerate the importance.  
Big up Increase the size of muscles by exercise.  
Bitch up Spoil or ruin something.  
Black out Fall unconscious.  
Black out Lose light.  
Black out Censor text so that words cannot be read.  
Black out Have a temporary memory failure.  
Blare out A loud sound or music.  
Blast off Leave the ground- spaceship or rocket.  
Blaze away Fire a gun repeatedly.  

Bleed out

Cause sufficient blood loss to result in
Bliss out Be extremely relaxed and happy.  
Block in Park a car and obstruct another car.  

Block in

Shade or fill in.  
Block off Obstruct an exit to prevent people from leaving.  
Block out Try not think about or feel something
because it is upsetting or painful.
Block up Fill a space so that nothing can pass.  
Blow away Kill  
Blow away Beat rivals or competitors by a large
Blow away Impress greatly.  
Blow away When the wind moves something from a place.  

Blow down

When the wind forces something to fall.  
Blow in Arrive, sometimes suddenly or
Blow off Not keep an appointment.  
Blow off Ignore, not do something.  
Blow off Expel gas from the anus.  
Blow out Defeat decisively.  

Blow over

When a scandal gets forgotten.  
Blow up Explode.  
Blow up Inflate.  
Blow up Enlarge (e.g., photograph)..  
Blow up The beginning of a storm.  
Blow up Lose your temper, become angry.  

Blurt out

Say something quickly without thinking,
especially if you shouldn't.
Board out Arrange for pets to stay somewhere while you're away.  
Board up Cover windows or doors with wood,
metal, etc..

Bog down

Slow make progress.  
Bog in / into Eat something enthusiastically.  
Bog off! Get lost.  
Boil down Simplify, reduce to the essentials.  
Boil down to Amount to.  
Boil over When people lose their tempers and things get nasty.
Boil up Feel a negative emotion strongly.  
Bolster up Give support, reinforce, strengthen.  
Bone up Study hard for a reason.  

Book in

Check in at a hotel.  
Book into Make a reservation in advance.  
Book out Leave a place in a hurry.  
Book up Reserve.  
Boot up Start a computer.  
Border on Be very nearly something.  
Boss about / around Use excessive authority to control people.  

Botch up

Ruin or spoil something.  
Bottle away Store up.  
Bottle out Lack of courage to do something.  
Bottle up Not express your feelings.  
Bottom out Pass the lowest point and start rising.  
Bounce into Force someone.  

Bounce back


Bounce off
Test ideas.  
Bowl out Hit someone's wicket in cricket with the
Bowl over Surprise someone greatly.  
Bowl over Knock someone to the ground.  
Box in Prevent something from moving,
especially vehicles.
Box up Pack things in boxes to move them.  
Brace up Feel more confident or optimistic about

Branch out

Move into a different area of business,
Break away Leave an organisation, usually to form a new one.  
Break down End negotiations unsuccessfully.  
Break down Start crying.  
Break down Stop working.  
Break down Remove a barrier or obstacle.  
Break in Go into a building to steal something.  
Break in Interrupt something.  
Break in Train a horse to be ridden.  
Break in Carefully use new products until they are fully functional..  
Break off Break a piece from something.  

Break out

Start (war, conflict).  
Break out in Sweat heavily, develop skin sores or
Break out of Escape.  
Break through Pass a barrier or obstacle.  
Break up Break into many pieces.  

Break up

Close an educational institution for the
Break up / off To Finish or End a relationship.  
Break up Become inaudible over the telephone
because of interference.
Breeze along Move easily and quickly.  
Breeze into / in Enter a place quickly.  
Breeze through Pass easily, succeed.  
Brick in / up Close or fill a space with bricks.  
Brighten up Improve (weather).  
Brighten up Become happier. or Make something more attractive or pleasant.  
Bring about Make something happen.  
Bring along Bring someone or something to certain
place. Or Help someone improve

Bring around

Persuade or convince someone.  
Bring around Bring something with you when you visit.  
Bring around
Get someone talking about something.
Bring back Cause someone to remember.  
Bring back Return  
Bring down Make something cheaper.  
Bring forth Produce something, make it known or
Bring forward Make something happen earlier than
originally planned.
Bring in Earn.  
Bring off Succeed with something difficult.  
Bring on Cause something to happen or speed up  
Bring on Make something appear.  
Bring out Release or publish.  
Bring out Elicit a response.  
Bring out in Cause a health problem or reaction.  
Bring round Make someone wake up from
unconsciousness or an anaesthetic.
Bring Up Mention.  
Bring Up
Raise a child.  
Bring Up Be officially charged with a crime.  
Brush off Ignore, pay little attention.  
Brush up Improve a skill quickly.  
Bubble over Become very excited.  
Buck up Hurry (either transitive or reflexive).  
Buck up Smarten up, improve.  
Bucket down Rain heavily.  
Buckle down Start working hard, apply yourself.  
Buckle under Accept something under pressure, against your will.  
Buckle up Fasten a seatbelt.
Budge up Move to make space for someone.  
Buff up Clear, clean or make something shine.  
Buff up Improve.  
Buff up on Improve your knowledge quickly.  
Bug off! Go away.  
Bug out Open your eyes wide in surprise.  
Bug out Leave somewhere in a hurry.  
Build up Develop a company.  
Build up Increase.  
Bulk out
Make something bigger or thicker.  
Bulk up Gain weight, develop bigger muscles.
Bump into Meet by chance.
Bump off Kill.  
Bump up Increase.  
Bundle off Send someone somewhere.  
Bundle out Expel.  
Bundle up Put on warm clothing.  
Bundle up Wrap or tie things together.  
Bunk off Not go to school when you should.  
Buoy up Make someone feel more positive.  
Buoy up Keep afloat.  
Burn down Burn completely.  
Burn off Remove by burning or similar process.  
Burn out Lose enthusiasm and energy to continue in a demanding job.  
Burn up Destroy completely by fire.  
Burn up Drive at high speed.  

Burn up
To be or cause to be highly annoyed.  
Burst into Catch fire very quickly.  
Burst into Laugh, cry or clap loudly.  
Bust up End a relationship, usually angrily or after arguing.  
Butt in Interrupt  
Butt out
Not be involved in other people's business.  
Butter up Praise or flatter someone excessively.  
Buy in Force  
Buy into Accept an idea.  
Buy off Pay someone to stop them causing trouble.  
Buy out Buy somebody's share in a company.  
Buy up
Buy all of something.  
Move quickly around a place.  
Buzz off Leave somewhere  
Buzz off! Go away (imperative).