Expressions with Make and Do

make an agreement
make an announcement (to)
make an appointment (with)
make arrangements (for)
make an attempt (to)
make it back
make the bed
make believe
make breakfast
make a choice
make a clean copy
make it clear (to)
make a complaint (about)
make a date (with)
make a deal (with)
make a decision (about)
make a (any, no) difference (to)
make do with
make a down payment
make an effort (to)
make an excuse (for)
make a face (at)
make a fool of someone
make for
make friends (with)
make fun of
make a fuss (about, over something)
make a fuss (over someone)
make good
make a good/bad impression (on)
make someone happy
make an investment
make a list (of)
make a living
make love (to)
make a mess
make mistakes (in)
make money
make the most of (something)
make someone nervous
make noise
make an observation
make an offer
make out
make out
make a payment
make peace
make a phone call (to)
make plans
make a point
make a point of (doing something)
make a presentation
make a profit
make progress (in)
make a promise (to)
make public
make a reservation (for)
make a resolution
make room
make a scene
make sense (to)
make something of (oneself)
make a speech (to)
make sure (about)
make trouble
make up
make up your mind
make use of
make war
make way
make yourself at home
do the (my, your, ...) best (to)
do business (with)
do the cooking
do the cleaning (for)
do damage/harm (to)
do a deal ("it's a done deal")
do some dictation
do the dishes
do drugs
do your duty
do an exercise
do an experiment
do a favor (for)
do good
do a good/bad job
do your hair
do harm (to someone)
do your homework
do the housework
do the laundry
do your nails
do an operation (on)
do (something)
over again do overtime
do a poll
do a problem
do a puzzle
do a project
do research (on)
do the right thing
do the shopping
do the shopping
do someone a favour
do something
do time in prison
do a translation
do well/badly (in)
to be done
to have nothing to do with ...
to have your hair done
that will do it