Word formation - Adverbs list, Adjectives list, common nouns list and verbs

Examples of Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs

List of Verbs, Nouns Adjectives & Adverbs


S.No. Verbs Nouns Adjectives Adverbs
1 accept acceptance acceptable  
2 achieve achievement achievable  
3 act action active actively
4 act activity active actively
5 act activeness active actively
6 add addition additional  
7 adjust adjustment adjustable  
8 admire admiration admirable  
9 advise advice advisable  
10 amass mass massive massively
11 amazed amazement amazing  
12 amuse amusement amusing  
13 annoy annoyance annoying  
14 approach approach approachable  
15 attend attention attentive  
16 attract attraction attractive  
17 avoid avoidance avoidable  
18 believe belief believable  
19 blacken blackness black  
20 bleed blood bloody  
21 bore boredom boring  
22 bother botheration bothering  
23 breathe breath breathing  
24 bury burial buried  
25 care care careful carefully
26 challenge challenge challenging  
27 chase chase chasing  
28 cheer cheerfulness cheerful cheerfully
29 choose choice chosen  
30 clear clarity clear clearly
31 collect collection collective collectively
32 comfort comfort comfortable comfortably
33 complex complexity complex  
34 confuse confusion confused  
35 consider consideration considerable considerably
36 console consolation consoled  
37 continue continuity continuous continuously
38 craze craze crazy crazily
39 create creation creative creatively
40 credit credit creditable creditably
41 cure cure curable  
42 curse curse cursed  
43 damage damage damaged  
44 deafen deafness deaf  
45 decide decision decisive  
46 decorate decoration decorative  
47 delight delight delightful delightfully
48 demand demand demanding  
49 derive derivation derivative  
50 deserve deserve deserving  
51 destroy destruction destructive destructively
52 develop development developing  
53 die death dead  
54 differ difference different differently
55 disturb disturbance disturbing  
56 dust dust dusty  
57 educate education educative  
58 embarrass embarrassment embarrassing  
59 empower power powerful powerfully
60 empty emptiness empty  
61 encircle circle circular circularly
62 encourage courage courageous courageously
63 endanger danger dangerous dangerously
64 enthuse enthusiasm enthusiastic  
65 enumerate number numerable  
66 envy envy envious enviously
67 evaporate evaporation evaporating  
68 expect expectation expected expectedly
69 explain explanation explainable  
70 explore exploration exploring  
71 fascinate fascination fascinating  
72 feed food    
73 firm firmness firm firmly
74 fly flight flying  
75 force force forceful forcefully
76 glorify glory glorious gloriously
77 grow growth growing growingly
78 harm harm harmful harmfully
79 hate hatred hateful hatefully
80 heal health healthy healthily
81 hope hope hopeful hopefully
82 identify identification indentified  
83 identify identity indentifying  
84 imitate imitation imitative imitatively
85 impress impression impressive impressively
86 include inclusion inclusive inclusively
87 indicate indication indicative indicatively
88 inform information informative  
89 inhabit habitat inhabitant  
90 injure injury injurious injuriously
91 inquire inquiry inquiring  
92 instruct instruction instructive  
93 insult insult insulting insultingly
94 intent intention intentional intentionally
95 interfere interference interfering  
96 introduce introduction introductory  
97 invent invention inventive  
98 irritate irritation irritating irritatingly
99 lead leadership leading leadingly
100 live life lively livingly
101 live life alive livingly
102 live liveliness lively livingly
103 lose loss lost  
104 madden madness mad madly
105 migrate migration migrating  
106 modernise modernity modern  
107 moisten moisture moistures  
108 monotonise monotony monotonous monotonously
109 move movement movable movingly
110 narrow narrowness narrow  
111 nationalise nationality national nationwide
112 observe observation observatory  
113 own ownership own  
114 perform performance performing  
115 permit permission permissible  
116 persuade persuasion persuasive  
117 please pleasure pleasant  
118 popularise popularity popular  
119 quicken quickness quick quickly
120 redden redness red  
121 sadden sadness sad sadly
122 secure security secured securely
123 see scene scenic  
124 see sight seen  
125 speed speed speedy speedily
126 whiten whiteness white  
127   badness bad badly

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English Collocation List make and do
Expressions with Make an Do with examples

Expressions with Make and Do

make an agreement
make an announcement (to)
make an appointment (with)
make arrangements (for)
make an attempt (to)
make it back
make the bed
make believe
make breakfast
make a choice
make a clean copy
make it clear (to)
make a complaint (about)
make a date (with)
make a deal (with)
make a decision (about)
make a (any, no) difference (to)
make do with
make a down payment
make an effort (to)
make an excuse (for)
make a face (at)
make a fool of someone
make for
make friends (with)
make fun of
make a fuss (about, over something)
make a fuss (over someone)
make good
make a good/bad impression (on)
make someone happy
make an investment
make a list (of)
make a living
make love (to)
make a mess
make mistakes (in)
make money
make the most of (something)
make someone nervous
make noise
make an observation
make an offer
make out
make out
make a payment
make peace
make a phone call (to)
make plans
make a point
make a point of (doing something)
make a presentation
make a profit
make progress (in)
make a promise (to)
make public
make a reservation (for)
make a resolution
make room
make a scene
make sense (to)
make something of (oneself)
make a speech (to)
make sure (about)
make trouble
make up
make up your mind
make use of
make war
make way
make yourself at home
do the (my, your, ...) best (to)
do business (with)
do the cooking
do the cleaning (for)
do damage/harm (to)
do a deal ("it's a done deal")
do some dictation
do the dishes
do drugs
do your duty
do an exercise
do an experiment
do a favor (for)
do good
do a good/bad job
do your hair
do harm (to someone)
do your homework
do the housework
do the laundry
do your nails
do an operation (on)
do (something)
over again do overtime
do a poll
do a problem
do a puzzle
do a project
do research (on)
do the right thing
do the shopping
do the shopping
do someone a favour
do something
do time in prison
do a translation
do well/badly (in)
to be done
to have nothing to do with ...
to have your hair done
that will do it