Collective Nouns for Animals

A harras of horses

A string of racehorses

A stud of mares

A rag of colts

A pace of asses

A barren of mules

A team of oxen

A drove of cattle

A flock of sheep

A tribe of goats

A kennel of dogs

A litter of pups

A clowder of cats

A kindle of kittens

A pack of hounds

A sculk of foxes

A sounder of hogs

A Cete of badgers

A fesynes of ferrets

A richesse of martens

A labour of moles

A nest of rabbits

A down of hares

A drey of squirrels

A pack of stoats

A herd of deer

A shrewdness of apes

A troop of monkeys

A troop of baboons

A flock of camels

A herd of elephants

A herd of giraffes

A crash of rhinoceros

A sloth of bears

A herd of hippopotami

An ambush of tigers

A mob of kangaroos

A family of otters

A leash of greyhounds

A pride of lions

A lepe of leopards

A pack of wolves

A nursery of raccoons

A fall of woodcock

A pack of grouse

drove of pigs

herd of pigs

litter of pigs

farrow of pigs (piglets)

sounder of pigs (wild pigs)

A gaggle of geese

A skein of geese (flying)

A herd of swans

A herd of curlews

A badelynge of ducks

A team of ducks (flying)

A spring of teals

A dopping of Sheldrake

A Convert of coots

A congregation of plovers

A desert of lapwings

A wisps of snipe

A nide of pheasants

A Covey of partridges

A bevy of quails

A chattering of choughs

A building of rooks

A murmuration of starlings

A charm of goldfinches

A watch of nightingales

A exaltation of larks

A host of sparrows

A flight of swallows

A flight of doves

A sedge of herons

A brood of hens

A skein of flamingos

A peep of chickens

A Flight of cormorants

A herd of cranes

A colony of gulls

A flock of parrots

A chatter of budgerigars

A muster of peacocks

A dule of turkeys

A company of widgeon

A cast of hawks

A crowd of ibis