The Parrot Neither Eats, Nor Drinks...

A person was very fond of parrots. He used to catch parrots, train them and sell them to interested people. One time he got a good parrot, so he trained him in talking, and when he was trained he presented him to the king. King liked the parrot because he used to reply his questions too.

The king made special arrangements for his safety, security and care and warned the people if somebody will tell me about his death, he will be hung. Hearing this the parrot was kept under very special care. But it so happened one day that suddenly the parrot died. Now who should go and inform this to king? because whoever will inform the King about the death of the parrot to the King, he will be sentenced to death and who would like to die just for informing the King about the death of a parrot.

So the servant went to Birbal and told him his plight. He said - "If I inform him about the parrot's death, then he will kill me, but if I do not tell him, then also he will kill me, so please save me."

Birbal thought for a while and sent him back to his work, and he himself went to the King and said - "Sir, Your parrot..."
The King asked -"What about parrot?"
Birbal again stammered - "Your parrot, Sir."
The King asked - "Birbal, What happened to my parrot?"
Birbal again said - "Your parrot..."
The King asked - "I am asking you, what happened to  my parrot? Say something about him in the name of Allaah."

Birbal said - "Jehaanpanaah, Your parrot neither eats anything, nor drinks water, nor speaks, nor moves his feathers, nor opens his eyes..." The King said - "What? Has the parrot died?" Birbal said - "I did not say it. You said it."

King understood why Birbal had to say this in this way. He got very happy with Birbal's way of telling him about his parrot.