Heavy Burden

Once a woman came to Birbal for his help. She said that the King wanted to construct some building on the land where her house was. She did not want to leave that place because that place belonged to her ancestors. Birbal assured her that she should be patient and he would try his best not to construct any building there.

Construction began. Now, one day, Birbal came to that site with King Akbar for inspection. He saw many gunny bags lying near the pile of mud. Birbal started filling the gunny bags with that mud. "Why are you doing this, Birbal?" asked the King. Birbal replied, "To earn merit for my next life."

Amused by this statement, Akbar also joined him. After Birbal had filled some bags, he requested Akbar to help him lift one of the gunny bags filled with mud.
"Oh, it is very heavy, Birbal." Akbar said lifting one bag.
Birbal said, "Think Huzoor, when only one bag is so heavy, how much mud will weigh in this piece of land, and will it not weigh heavily on your conscience?"

Akbar realized his mistake and ordered to stop construction on that site.