Why Hair Does Not Grow on Palms

Birbal had unparallel sense of wit. It was his sense of intelligence and wit that brought Birbal so close to the Emperor.

One day Akbar was in quite a relaxed mood and was enjoying the company of Birbal. Suddenly the Emperor spread his both palm and noticed that there was no hair on his palms.
He asked, “Birbal, Can you tell me why there is no hair on my palms?”
Birbal gave a pleasing answer, “Jahaanpanaah, the reason is very simple. Everyday you donate generously to the poor and needy people with both of your hands. How can hair grow on such giving palms?”
Akbar was pleased with his answer.

However the King decided to pull his leg for giving such a pleasing answer, so he asked him again - “If it’s so, then why there is no hair on your palm?”
Birbal at once replied, “Jahaanpanaah, Its reason is very simple. Hair of my palm has vanished due to continuous acceptance of gifts and rewards from you.” The clever answer of Birbal made the Emperor more eager to outfit Birbal.

So he asked again, “Now you must tell me why there is no hair on the hands of other courtiers?”
Birbal was too smart to be outwitted by anybody, he promptly answered, “Your majesty, the answer is obvious. Wherever I get rewards from you, the other courtiers rub their hands out of disappointment and envy. The continuous rub does not allow the hair to grow on their hands.”

Now Akbar had no question to ask him. He was indeed very pleased by his answers.