Full Moon, Quarter Moon

Once Birbal went to Persia at the invitation of that country's King. Parties were extended in his honor and rich gifts heaped up near him. On the eve of his departure to home, a nobleman asked him as how he would compare the king of Persia with his own King. Birbal said - "Your King is the full Moon, whereas mine could be like a quarter Moon." The Persians got very happy to hear this analogy.

Now Birbal got home and he found that Emperor Akbar was furious with him. He demanded angrily - "How could you belittle your own king? You are a traitor." Birbal said politely - "No, Your Majesty, no. I cannot belittle you. What I said there meant - "The Full Moon diminishes and disappears onward, while the quartered Moon grows gradually day by day. What I, in fact, wanted to tell the world that your power is growing day by day while the King of Persia's is about to decline now."

Akbar grunted in satisfaction and welcomed Birbal back from his journey with a warm embrace.