Colorful Bird

Akbar was very fond of birds. One day a bird catcher came to his kingdom . He had a very colorful bird. The Bird catcher said to Emperor Akbar that this bird is not only colorful like a peacock, but it can dance also like him and also fly. The Bird catcher was immediately rewarded with 50 gold coins. He left the kingdom in a hurry.

When the bird catcher had gone Birbal said to Emperor - "This bird cannot dance like a peacock and it has not bathed for many months." Birbal further suggested - "Let me give it a bath." and asked for a glass of water.

When Birbal gave the bath to the bird, everybody was surprised to see that it was not any special bird but was actually a pigeon and the bird catcher had fooled every body by painting it. Its color was coming out in water.

Everybody asked Birbal that how did he know this. Birbal told that he saw colors on the nails of the bird catcher. The bird catcher was caught and given a punishment. The reward that was given to the bird catcher was now given to Birbal.