Birbal Gave Birth to the Child

Once somebody had a wound in the palace of the Emperor. The royal Vaidya was called and he suggested that if the milk of a camel is applied on the wound, it will be cured soon. The Emperor announced it in his court that he needed camel's milk. Everybody was surprised to hear this but could not say anything.

A couple of days passed but nobody could find camel's milk. So Birbal was assigned this work. Birbal tried his best to explain to the Emperor that there is no such thing like camel's milk, but he said - "When Raaj Vaidya has asked for it, it must exist. Bring it from anywhere." Birbal got very upset. He went home and thought how to tell the Emperor that there is no such thing like camel's milk.

Thinking this a couple of days passed and Birbal did not go to the court also. Akbar got worried what has happened to Birbal? He sent somebody to his house to see why he did not come the court. When he went there, he met his daughter washing Birbal's clothes just outside the house. She greeted the servant. The servant asked her - "What happened Birbal has not come to the court?" The daughter replied - "Last night Birbal had a child." The servant could not digest this statement but he came back and told this to the Emperor. The Emperor also could not understand this, so he himself decided to to his house and find out the truth.

Seeing the Emperor coming Birbal greeted him. The Emperor asked him - "Birbal, What is this? Can a man give birth to child?"
Birbal politely replied - "Huzoor, When a camel can have milk, why can't a man give birth to a child?"

The Emperor understood that he was caught unaware. He returned to his palace and cancelled his orders.