How Birbal Brought Meat Back in the Community?


Akbar was famous for his religious tolerance. (Jodhaa Baaee, a Hindu woman, was his wife, he had married other religion's women also) He would help to all those who wanted help even on religious matters.

Once it so happened that a group of Braahman appeared in his court and said - "O Great Emperor, You are the one who allowed us to ask you if we had problems. We have stayed silent for long time, but today we wish to speak up. We do not want any slaughtering of animals, it is against our religion."

Hearing this Akbar got in a fix as the meat was the most important food in the market. He couldn't think of anything else except to call Birbal and ask his help in this matter. After thinking for a while, Birbal offered his solution, he said - "Your request can be granted on two conditions; one, that if any animal was found on the road, we are not responsible for his safety; two, that all animals should be fed in houses till their death, if any animal was found eating something outside, we are not responsible for his safety also."

Braahman went back happily. A month went by. The same Braahman again appeared in the court and said - "O Jahaanpanaah, We take our words back, we cannot keep our animals inside."

That is how Birbal brought meat back in the community.