Akbar's Ring

Once Emperor Akbar went for hunting, and there his ring fell in a dry well. Now how to take that ring out. They did not have any means to take it out. Then Birbal said, "Huzoor, if you give me some time I can take your ring out of this well. Akbar had no alternative, so he permitted him.

Birbal went around and brought some fresh cow dung and threw it on the ring. He then tied a stone on one end of a string, and holding the other end in his hand threw the stone on the cow dung. He waited for a long time - for the cow dung to be dried, and then pulled the string out of the well. The string brought the stone, the stone was stuck into cow dung and the cow dung had the Emperor's ring at its bottom.

Akbar got very happy with Birbal's intelligence.