Akbar is Greater than God

Once a merchant came to Akbar's court and praised him a lot as he wanted to Akbar to sign a trade agreement with a neighboring country. He was praising him a lot as he wanted to impress him, but in a short while he noticed that the Emperor was not impressed at all with his praises. So he thought of another way to impress him. He shouted - "O Emperor, You are greater than even God." and sat quietly to notice the effect of his words.

Birbal was also listening to all this and was anticipating some kind of trouble out of this praise. So his brain stated working ahead of time for its solution.

Akbar was very furious at the merchant's words. He was a very religious man and he did not like all this at all that somebody should tell him that he was greater than the God Himself who was the greatest of the all. But he liked the healthy discussions. He had got an opportunity to break a discussion on this issue, so he said to his courtiers - "Did you all hear this man saying that I am greater than the God Himself? If this is so, then tell me why is it so?" After having said this he waited for the arguments of his courtiers regarding this statement.

Now how a king could be greater than God? His courtiers were silent in fear. This was a tricky question for them. Neither they could say Yes nor they could say No. One by one they bent their heads down.

After a while Akbar turned to his favorite Minister Birbal and asked him - "Birbal, What do you say in this regard?" Birbal immediately said - "He is right, Jahaanpanaah. You are greater than God." Akbar got stunned hearing this, he asked him again - "How Birbal, How is it possible that I am greater than God Himself. Explain me. Are you trying to impress me with your lies?"

Birbal said - "No Huzoor, No. Why should I lie to you? You are indeed greater than God, because there is one thing you can do but God can't."
"And what is that?" Akbar asked.
"God cannot banish anybody from His kingdom, because the whole Universe is His kingdom; but you can do it easily."

Akbar couldn't help bursting out laughing and said - "Birbal, You are the best, as always."
And he banished that merchant.